Dungeon metal bands Skullovich and Cultic

Uniting Forces with Skullovich in the Depths of the Dungeon

Our journey intertwined with Skullovich (either by chance or by fate) when the simple hashtag "Dungeon Metal," united us in the deep, dark expanse of the interwebs. We instantly recognized a kindred spirit, a fellow group traversing the uncharted territories of fantastic, atmospheric, dark DUNGEON...

Cultic Live at Shadow Woods Reunion Fest 2022

Recounting Shadow Woods Reunion Fest in York, PA

Greetings! Today, we recount our recent appearance at Shadow Woods Reunion Fest at the Kennel at West York Inn! Shadow Woods is an infernal gathering that will forever be etched in our twisted souls. For years, we've been attendees at Shadow Woods—a fest that is a...

Cultic Of Fire and Sorcery Album Release Show

Of Fire and Sorcery Album Release Show

We recently gathered to unleash our album "Of Fire and Sorcery" into the ether. We were joined by the formidable Dungeon Synth Artist, "Vaelastrasz," our battle-hardened hometown crew, "Spellbook," the relentless force that is "Altar and the Bull," and one of our favorite and most...

Cultic live with Spellbook and Book of Wyrms in York, PA - October 2nd, 2021

Cultic Live with Book of Wyrms and SpellBook

In March of 2020, we played a gig at Skid Row Garage with Book of Wyrms. The lineup was originally intended to include Spellbook, but because of circumstances that were out of their control, they had to drop off the bill. Shortly thereafter, the world...

Cultic at Skid Row Garage in York, PA

Cultic Live in York with Foehammer and Funeral Bastard

We were sitting on a bench facing the Woodland stage at Shadow Woods Metal fest. A box turtle slowly crawled under our feet as we were hit with an impenetrable wall of sound so loud and slow (slower than that turtle), that the earth trembled. The first time we saw Foehammer was epic and crushing. Friday night’s show at Skid Row Garage in York was equally legendary, and we’re honored to have had the opportunity to play with them.

The Nightmare After Christmas 5

York, PA is our hometown, we have a long history with The Depot, and we know SO many awesome people here, so, it goes without saying that we felt at-home Saturday night. The good vibes at The Nightmare After Christmas 5 were so thick you...