Cultic Of Fire and Sorcery Album Release Show

Of Fire and Sorcery Album Release Show

We recently gathered to unleash our album “Of Fire and Sorcery” into the ether. We were joined by the formidable Dungeon Synth Artist, “Vaelastrasz,” our battle-hardened hometown crew, “Spellbook,” the relentless force that is “Altar and the Bull,” and one of our favorite and most brutal bands “Et Mors.”

We are forever grateful for the new bonds that evolved amidst the chaos, for the laughter and camaraderie shared, and for the memories that will forever be etched in our minds. To each of the heavy metal warriors who joined us this night, we offer our eternal gratitude! Your unwavering support and unruly spirits keep the fires burning and keep fueling our passion.

In Conclusion: Our album release show at the Kennel at West York Inn was an unyielding testament to the power of metal and the bonds it creates. With Vaelastrasz, Spellbook, Altar and the Bull, and Et Mors by our side, we embarked on a journey that transcended music. It was a night of forging new friendships, embracing the wild spirit of metal, and reveling in the joy of good times.

\m/ Keep the flame burning! \m/

Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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