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PROWLER is the first Cultic demo released in August of 2017. Download the FREE digital demo in the shop. Stay tuned for the full-length to be released in 2018.

PROWLER Demo Cover Art

PROWLER Demo by Cultic

Free Demo

THE PROWLER is the first Cultic demo released in August of 2017, with Brian Magar on Vocals, Guitar and Bass, and Rebecca Magar on Drums. Download the demo for free and stay tuned for the full-length “High Command”  to be released in 2018.

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    The YouTube channel Black Metal Artists was kind enough to share a video of our Prowler Demo (thanks!). You can check out their channel, and give them a follow here: https://www.yo...

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    BEHOLD!!!! We played our first gig in Philly last night with Sapremia, Triple Cripple, The Human Race Is Filth, Systemic Abuse & Bea$ters. It was a blast, the bands killed it,...

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    The first round of t-shirt orders went out this week (according to our calculations, you should have all received them by now). As a token of our gratitude (and because no warrior ...

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