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“Seducer” takes you on a thrilling journey through the dark and gritty world of dungeon metal with a spellbinding blend of death-doom, black metal, traditional heavy metal, martial industrial, and dungeon synth. Succumb to the irresistible allure of “Seducer” as you are crushed by the raw might of Cultic’s wicked spell!

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“Cultic make music that alludes to high fantasy sword-and-sorcery tales—King Arthur and Conan the Barbarian. They call it battle punk or dark dungeon metal. We call it awesome.”

Emily Bellino - Decibel

"Tortured screams and dangerous magic roam the halls of Cultic’s loud, often dilapidated-sounding metal: prepare for wild synthesizer lines, a theoretically lethal amount of delay and reverb. It’s unhinged, delightfully so, and hones in on its chosen aesthetic with an incredible precision."

Ted Nubel - Invisible Oranges

"Very enjoyable, very grim and extremely twisted."

Marksson - VM Underground

"If you like your doom barbaric and blunt with a blatant disregard for anything younger than the late 80s then by Crom, this is for you!"

Samoht - GRIMM Gent

"Cultic demand your attention but it’s not like they’re punching you in the face for it. You crawl to them and crawl for more as opposed to the other way round, the band are in full control. "

Sam Jones - The Razor's Edge

"Cultic take their primary influences from the likes of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Winter, wielding a sound something like a cross between primitive death/doom and early extreme metal."

Emily Bellino - Decibel

"CULTIC! What can I say? When I listen, it really feels like it’s a late 1980 analog recording made in the depth of hell and was recently discovered in the back yard of Tom Warrior’s childhood home about six feet deep by a rabid Goat. The power, vibe, and true essence of the time is captured and introduced to us all over again!"

Paul Folk - CvltNation

“This is extreme metal that channels the aesthetics of early death metal, doom, crust-punk, black metal, and sludge in such a way that none dare try to stand against it. With downtuned guitars and war-ready drumming, the music of CULTIC is equal to donning chain mail, hoods and cloaks, taking up sword and shield, and charging into the fray of battle.”

Pat Riot Whitaker - Riff Relevant

"Cultic sounds really authentic, as if an old album had been found here in a box of dusty tapes."

Daniel Müller - Crossfire Metal Webzine

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