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High Command is the auditory equivalent of a war hammer. It’s straightforward, lumbering, and crude. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Ride to war!!!!

PROWLER Demo Cover Art
High Command

The Nightmare After Christmas 5

York, PA is our hometown, we have a long history with The Depot, and we know SO many awesome people here, so, it goes without saying that we felt at-home Saturday night. The good vibes at The Nightmare After Christmas 5 were so thick you could cut them with a sword. The place was packed, it was vibrant and we had the best time!

We were able to catch video of the first three sets before our phone took a shit. You can watch Witch Hazel and Wrath of Typhon below (we’re really sorry we didn’t catch Howling Giant or Prince Diamond on video because they were fucking awesome).

Special thanks to Paul and Rachel for the pics, and to all the heavy metal warriors who came out to the show! \m/


Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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