Available for Pre-Order March 1st, 2019

High Command is the auditory equivalent of a war hammer. It’s straightforward, lumbering, and crude. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Ride to war!!!!

PROWLER Demo Cover Art
High Command

MetalBite Review

"Carving away the polish that has tainted death/doom metal to the point of mainstream acceptance, Cultic accomplishes the task of providing memorable songs all the while hooting a nasty, miserable, medieval-battle-mash, fucked-up production. Songs reveal a dimming, drowning and decapitated landscape...

Lost In Chaos Reviews

Lost in Chaos Review

"Cultic had learned to hone its vision and fashion its rage and vigor into something primal, Apocalyptic, and downright artful. Boasting an Epic, Sulphur-filled Atmosphere of pure menace that would make Black Sabbath's ghostly muses piss themselves in fright." - Lost In Chaos Reviews Check out...

Power of Metal

Power of Metal Covers High Command Release

Check out Power of Metal for a write-up about the release of "Enchained" (premiered on Doomed & Stoned), and our upcoming High Command album release (available for pre-order now / official release April 5th). Read more at powerofmetal.dk: [edgtf_button size="large" type="solid" text="Read More" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon=""...

Cult Metal Flix

Cult Metal Flix Blog Review

"An unrelenting and bludgeoning attack sporting damaging mammoth esque riffs only the hammer of a Titan could deliver ‘High Command’ offers a sound akin to an avalanche of destruction. Cloying like hot tar raining from the ramparts, atmosphere laden and tracks overflowing with groove make...

Kronos Mortus News

Kronos Mortus Shares Cultic Song Premiere – Enchained

Huge thanks to Kronos Mortus News for sharing our recent "Enchained" song premiere from Doomed & Stoned. "Enchained" is a song from our forthcoming album "High Command" (Pre-Order Available Now / Official Release April 5th). You can follow Kronos Mortus on their Facebook page at:...