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Unleashing the Flames: “Of Fire and Sorcery” Takes Center Stage in Cave Dweller Music’s “Death Metal We Missed In 2022”

Hey metalheads! We’re stoked to share that “Of Fire and Sorcery,” has caught the attention of  Cave Dweller Music in their “Death Metal We Missed In 2022.” 🤘🔥

In the words of James from Cave Dweller Music, “…this was a fantastic album and one that I wish I had paid closer attention to at the time of its release, rather than saving it to come back to at years end. If you enjoy atmospheric, menacing death metal then this should be essential listening.”

Needless to say, we are beyond honored and humbled by James’ words and want to thank Cave Dweller Music for sharing the album. They are a vital force in the metal community, shedding light on hidden treasures and connecting passionate fans with extraordinary artists.

As we move forward on this hellish journey, we vow to keep pushing the boundaries of dark dungeon metal and crafting music that resonates with your darkest desires. Stay tuned for more bone-crushing releases and let the flames of “Of Fire and Sorcery” continue to burn in your souls!

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Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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