No Clean Singing

No Clean Singing Interview with Brian from Cultic

We’re keenly aware of the amount of effort that goes into maintaining an online zine, writing reviews, and interviewing bands. It’s no small feat, and we really appreciate the work these zines and authors are doing to document underground music. With that, we’d like to put out a special thank you to No Clean Singing who have been HUGE in supporting our latest release, “Of Fire and Sorcery.”

Cultic Live at Shadow Woods Reunion Fest 2022

Recounting Shadow Woods Reunion Fest in York, PA

Greetings! Today, we recount our recent appearance at Shadow Woods Reunion Fest at the Kennel at West York Inn! Shadow Woods is an infernal gathering that will forever be etched in our twisted souls. For years, we've been attendees at Shadow Woods—a fest that is a...