Rebecca Magar Feature - Heavy Music Artwork - Masterpieces 2022

Rebecca Featured in Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition

Hey metalheads! Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing revelation straight from the pits of creative chaos! Our drummer, Rebecca Magar, has unleashed her artistic prowess on "Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition"—our band, Cultic, is making an appearance too. "Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition" brings together...

Heavy Music Artwork

Cultic Interview with Heavy Music Artwork

Hey, fellow metalheads! We've got some cool news! We recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with the awesome folks at Heavy Music Artwork. We talk about how we fell into the glorious abyss of heavy music, what fuels our creativity, and the bands...

Filthy Dogs of Metal

Filthy Dogs of Metal Interviews Cultic

We recently had the pleasure of shredding it up with the monstrous beasts at Filthy Dogs of Metal. If you're hungry to know about our influences, what we think about those digital music platforms, the gnarly local underground scene, and what it takes to make...

VM Underground

VM Underground ‘Of Fire and Sorcery’ Review

“Very enjoyable, very grim and extremely twisted.” – Marksson | VM Underground

Yeah, ough! We want to give a huge thank you to VM Underground for this sick review of our latest album “Of Fire and Sorcery.” You can follow VM Underground on Facebook here. Check out the full review: