Cultic Seducer Maxi-Single CD-r - Pre-Order Now

Seducer Maxi-Single Available for Pre-Order Now

The pre-order for our new maxi-single “Seducer” has arrived! Grab a copy on CD-r, 7-inch picture disc lathe cut, or digital, or be one of the first to reserve one of our bundles including the CD-r bundle, or 7-inch bundle (limited edition).

Cultic Seducer T-Shirt, 7-Inch Record, Button, and Stickers

7-Inch Bundle

7-Inch Record, Seducer T-Shirt, Button, & Stickers

Cultic Seducer T-Shirt, Cd-r, Button, and Stickers

Cd-r Bundle

CD-r, Seducer T-Shirt, Button, & Stickers

Seducer, Of Fire and Sorcery, and High Command CD-Rs

Cultic CD-r Combo Pack

High Command, Of Fire and Sorcery, & Seducer CD-r

Cultic - Seducer CD-r Artwork

Just the Album

Pre-Order the 7-Inch Record or CD-r

Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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