Rebecca Magar Feature - Heavy Music Artwork - Masterpieces 2022

Rebecca Featured in Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition

Hey metalheads! Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing revelation straight from the pits of creative chaos! Our drummer, Rebecca Magar, has unleashed her artistic prowess on “Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition”—our band, Cultic, is making an appearance too.

“Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition” brings together over 115 releases across all metal genres, adorned with jaw-dropping dark artwork from the artists who create the iconic album covers for these releases. This is where darkness, creativity, and the essence of metal collide!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the masterminds behind “Heavy Music Artwork Masterpieces 2022 Edition.” Your dedication to capturing the essence of metal through visuals and showcasing the artistic vision of musicians is truly commendable. Thank you for recognizing the raw power of Rebecca Magar’s art and for giving Cultic a place among the metal elite.

To all our fellow metal enthusiasts, we urge you to get your hands on this visual opus. Immerse yourselves in the elaborate designs, let the artwork transport you to distant realms, and absorb the bands’ commentaries that add depth to each masterpiece. This is an essential addition to any metalhead’s collection—a treasure trove of inspiration and a celebration of our beloved genre.

Stay tuned for more sonic madness and artistic endeavors from Cultic and Rebecca Magar.

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Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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