Two Guys Metal Reviews

Two Guys Metal Reviews: Review of Seducer

"Sounding bigger and more wonderfully heavy than ever, those of us who love fantasy and death metal are going to be well served by this latest offering." - Matt Bacon - Two Metal Guys Reviews Hell yeah! Check out this sick review of our upcoming maxi-single...

VM Underground

VM Underground ‘Of Fire and Sorcery’ Review

“Very enjoyable, very grim and extremely twisted.” – Marksson | VM Underground

Yeah, ough! We want to give a huge thank you to VM Underground for this sick review of our latest album “Of Fire and Sorcery.” You can follow VM Underground on Facebook here. Check out the full review:

Cvlt Legion

Cvlt Legion Review

"'Of Fire and Sorcery' channels its sinister motives by bringing its malefic synthesizer and raw, ruthless, somewhat gaseous notes to a dungeon that has never even caught a glimpse of the sun and consequently immerses us in a shamelessly foul world that the immoral part...

Wormwood Chronicles

Of Fire and Sorcery Reviewed by Wormwood Chronicles

"The overarching feeling is of something primitive, menacing and mystical. Well worth investigating if you yearn for the eldritch days of doomy death metal…" - Dr. Abner Mality (Wormwood Chronicles) We want to offer our sincerest thank you to Wormwood Chronicles for taking the time to...

Two Guys Metal Reviews

Two Guys Metal Reviews – Of Fire and Sorcery

"For a very specific type of metal nerd, a type I happen to belong to, this record is a really special and one-of-a-kind thing. Gloriously nerdy but also crushingly heavy, and one that is not to be missed." - Matt Bacon - Two Metal Guys...

VM Underground

VM Underground Reviews “High Command”

“If you like rough, dirty, grit filled swamp production and catchy fist pumping medieval riffs, then “High Command” is an album just waiting for you.” – Ted Gloom | VM Underground

Big thanks to VM Underground for this rad review of our new album, “High Command!” Check out the full review:

Lost In Chaos Reviews

Lost in Chaos Review

"Cultic had learned to hone its vision and fashion its rage and vigor into something primal, Apocalyptic, and downright artful. Boasting an Epic, Sulphur-filled Atmosphere of pure menace that would make Black Sabbath's ghostly muses piss themselves in fright." - Lost In Chaos Reviews Check out...