Cultic Live in Lancaster with BBTG, Murder Method and Earthdog

Lancaster is just a stone’s throw away from our hometown in Yoe, but this was our first gig in the Red Rose City. I ate some Pho right before the show and got violently ill, but we managed to make it through our set without any projectile vomiting (it would have been both epic and gross if it had gone down that way).

One of the best things about playing local shows is getting to see the faces of people you know, and some of our favorites were there on Friday night. We want to thank everyone who came out, and we would also like to thank Last World Records and the Lizard Lounge / Chameleon Club for hosting the event.

You can check out some video of “Enchained” – a track from our upcoming album High Command (recently premiered on Doomed & Stoned) above.


Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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