Cultic Featued in Doomed & Stoned Spotify Playlist

Cultic Featured in Doomed & Stoned 2019 Playlist

“Check out our burgeoning playlist DOOMED! (2019 Doom Metal Releases) on Spotify. This includes a wide spectrum of styles, from traditional and epic doom to stoner doom, death doom, blackened doom, progressive doom, gothic doom, and sludge. Lots of gems to discover, so subscribe to the playlist for weekly updates! ” – Doomed & Stoned

The Dark Rider track from our recent release “High Command” has been featured in the Doomed & Stoned Spotify playlist “DOOMED! (2019 Doom Metal Releases).” Learn more at:

Give this playlist a listen and follow it on Spotify:

Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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