Cultic - Seducer Premiere on Invisible Oranges

Listen to the Exclusive Premiere of “Seducer” at Invisible Oranges

“Tortured screams and dangerous magic roam the halls of Cultic’s loud, often dilapidated-sounding metal: prepare for wild synthesizer lines, a theoretically lethal amount of delay and reverb. It’s unhinged, delightfully so, and hones in on its chosen aesthetic with an incredible precision.” – Ted Nubel (Invisible Oranges)

Prepare to be seduced! Listen to both tracks from our upcoming maxi-single “Seducer” exclusively at Invisible Oranges! Give it a listen and show your support by liking, sharing, or dropping a comment if it hits you hard. \m/

Listen Now

“Seducer” will be released tomorrow, July 20th, 2023, on Lathe-Cut Picture Disc Record, CD-r, and Digital formats. Immerse yourself and don’t forget to check out our limited edition t-shirt and record. Own a piece of metal history! Get all the links and learn more at

\m/Lascivious! \m/

Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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