Available for Pre-Order March 1st, 2019

High Command is the auditory equivalent of a war hammer. It’s straightforward, lumbering, and crude. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Ride to war!!!!

PROWLER Demo Cover Art
High Command
Cultic High Command Pre-Order

High Command Pre-Order Available Now

The time has come! The High Command pre-order is available now on CD-r and digital (official release date April 5th, 2019).

“It really feels like it’s a late 1980 analog recording made in the depths of hell and was recently discovered in the back yard of Tom Warrior’s childhood home about six feet deep by a rabid Goat.” – Paul Folk, CVLT NATION

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Special thanks to:

  • Paul
  • Vince
  • Zoheb
  • Ian
  • Jason
  • Rachel
  • Nate
  • Nick
  • Kim
  • Keith
  • Bobby
  • Meghan
  • Bill
  • Lexi – The Horse


Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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