High Command

York, PA’s purveyors of swords & sorcery summon the warriors of old on their debut release, HIGH COMMAND. Cultic blaze a path through the battlefield by combining ideas and aesthetics of early death/doom, first wave black metal, and punk. Down tuned guitars and war drums deliver a mid-paced battery propelled by sardonic wrath and ungoverned fury. High Command is the auditory equivalent of a war hammer. It’s straightforward, lumbering, and crude. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Ride to war!!!!

“... Brian Magar (guitar, vox), Rebecca Magar (drums), and Reese Harlacker (bass) take us on a tranced-out death march toward the dragon’s lair. Their solemn, sodden sound was like a trip into a blurry event horizon of Morbid Tales, Apocalyptic Raids, and The Dying Truth, and Cursed-era Morgoth for me, blended with the cursed cries of the fried and the cackles of reveling beasts.”

- Doomed & Stoned

“Cultic are the equivalent of Celtic Frost on opium—slow, churning tempos nod to death/doom forerunners Winter and Mythic. It’s hard to deny the heaviness of High Command. Raw, barbaric, crude—High Command is a triumphant debut.”

Darren Cowan - Heavy Music Headquarters

“This is a raw, primitive debut with undeniable bludgeoning power, and thanks to its crudeness it has plenty of charm. Sometimes the adage less is more is true, and that’s certainly the case with High Command.”

Nathan Hare - The Metal Observer

"Break out the d20 dice and the LARPing gear - Cultic have debuted their very medieval brand of death-doom with the upcoming 'High Command' LP, brandishing 'Forest of Knives' at wary bards and travelers alike. Get ready to be crushed."

- OVERDRIVE Music Magazine

“Extreme work almost in its entirety, its sound is extremely brutal and suitable for hard and trained metalheads in this style, look for them and go into their world.”

- Rocka Rolla Webzine

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Watch the Forest of Knives Video

“Combining theatrical shots with foggy live footage, ‘Forest of Knives’ fully embraces its medieval aesthetic and fits what Cultic deliver on High Command, their debut album.” – Vince Bellino, Decibel

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