Metal News France

Of Fire and Sorcery Upcoming Release Covered by Metal News – France

Check out Metal News (France) for an update about our forthcoming album "Of Fire and Sorcery" (Pre-Order now at: Official Release April 22nd). You can follow them on their Facebook page at: Read more and watch the video for the track "Beseech the...

Two Guys Metal Reviews

Two Guys Metal Reviews – Of Fire and Sorcery

"For a very specific type of metal nerd, a type I happen to belong to, this record is a really special and one-of-a-kind thing. Gloriously nerdy but also crushingly heavy, and one that is not to be missed." - Matt Bacon - Two Metal Guys...

Toxic Metal Zine

Toxic Metal Zine Covers “Of Fire and Sorcery” Release

We want to give a shout-out to Toxic Metal Zine for sharing information about our upcoming Of Fire and Sorcery release (Pre-order now at:, Official Release April 22nd). Learn more at their website below, and follow their Facebook page at: Read more and...

VM Underground

VM Underground Reviews “High Command”

“If you like rough, dirty, grit filled swamp production and catchy fist pumping medieval riffs, then “High Command” is an album just waiting for you.” – Ted Gloom | VM Underground

Big thanks to VM Underground for this rad review of our new album, “High Command!” Check out the full review: