Scranton: The Final Episode in 2018

If 2017 was our birth year, 2018 was the year of first steps – first live show in Philly, first t-shirt, first full-length album (coming out soon), and our first trip to Scranton (hopefully one of many more in the future).

The road to Scranton is dark and full of carnage, but dodging all those deer carcasses was well-worth it for a night with Video Massacre, Funeral Bastard and all of the fine ‘Scrantonites’ (Scrantinions?) (Scrants?), who came out in the midst of a deluge for the show. The energy at the Irish Wolf Pub is wild and jubilant – a product of great people.

This show is the final episode for 2018. We’ll be working quietly in the background on some new things (video, new single, the next album), and coming back in January for an epic night in York. We recorded video of all three sets, check it out:



Funeral Bastard

Video Massacre


Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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