Cultic High Command Album Release

High Command Album Available Now

In 2016, we setup our gear and started playing. We visualized writing music that would be a tribute to WINTER & HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, and in the process of exploring our own ideas and inspirations, we became something of our own volition. Today, that something is Cultic, and we are releasing our first full-length album, “High Command.”

It would be difficult to describe how much has gone into making “High Command” a reality. We are a tempest of DIY ethics propelled by passion and ire.

That being said, we could not have accomplished any of this without the assistance of these amazing artists, musicians, writers, and friends who each contributed in their own way to helping us realize the album:

  • Paul
  • Vince
  • Zoheb
  • Jason
  • Rachel
  • Nate
  • Ian
  • Nick
  • Kim
  • Keith
  • Bobby
  • Meghan
  • Bill
  • Lexi – The Horse

Thank you!

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Ride to war!!! \m/

Rebecca Magar

Cultic Drummer

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