PROWLER Demo by Cultic
Artist: Cultic
Label: Eleventh Key
Release Date: 19-8-2017
Genre: Metal
People: Brian Magar (Guitar/Vocals), Rebecca Magar (Drums)

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Album Reviews

"CULTIC! What can I say? When I listen, it really feels like it’s a late 1980 analog recording made in the depth of hell and was recently discovered in the back yard of Tom Warrior’s childhood home about six feet deep by a rabid Goat. The power, vibe, and true essence of the time is captured and introduced to us all over again!"



1. Cruel Orders Download
2. The Prowler Download


Cruel Orders

Endless darkness
Total war
Flesh and bone
meet steel

The tyrant's hand
wielding power
The rule of law
becomes king

The age of terror
Boundless hate
Timid eyes
Eternal screams

No hope
Ceaseless torment
Cruel orders
From the crown

You will feel
unequivocal power

You will feel
unequivocal power

The Prowler

Perched on the mountain
She preys at night
Black serpents rise
for the lord of hate


Sharp cunning eyes
with horns like spires
Dark feral winds
make way for flight

Behold the prowler!

Like a vicious storm
Like a viper's strike
Unrelenting cruelty
from an Iron Mind!

About Album

PROWLER is the first Cultic demo released in August of 2017, with Brian Magar on Vocals, Guitar and Bass, and Rebecca Magar on Drums. Download the demo for free at in the shop. Stay tuned for the full-length to be released in the summer of 2018.