High Command

Cultic - High Command Album
Artist: Cultic
Label: Eleventh Key
Release Date: 5-4-2019
Genre: Metal
People: Brian Magar (Guitar/Vocals), Rebecca Magar (Drums), Reese Harlacker (Bass)

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Album Reviews

“... Brian Magar (guitar, vox), Rebecca Magar (drums), and Reese Harlacker (bass) take us on a tranced-out death march toward the dragon’s lair. Their solemn, sodden sound was like a trip into a blurry event horizon of Morbid Tales, Apocalyptic Raids, and The Dying Truth, and Cursed-era Morgoth for me, blended with the cursed cries of the fried and the cackles of reveling beasts.”

Doomed & Stoned

“Cultic are the equivalent of Celtic Frost on opium—slow, churning tempos nod to death/doom forerunners Winter and Mythic. It’s hard to deny the heaviness of High Command. Raw, barbaric, crude—High Command is a triumphant debut.”

Darren Cowan - Heavy Music Headquarters

“This is a raw, primitive debut with undeniable bludgeoning power, and thanks to its crudeness it has plenty of charm. Sometimes the adage less is more is true, and that’s certainly the case with High Command.”

Nathan Hare - The Metal Observer

"Break out the d20 dice and the LARPing gear - Cultic have debuted their very medieval brand of death-doom with the upcoming 'High Command' LP, brandishing 'Forest of Knives' at wary bards and travelers alike. Get ready to be crushed."

OVERDRIVE Music Magazine

“Extreme work almost in its entirety, its sound is extremely brutal and suitable for hard and trained metalheads in this style, look for them and go into their world.”

Rocka Rolla Webzine


1. The Conqueror
2. Cruel Orders
3. False Idols
4. The Prowler
5. Forest of Knives
6. Dark Rider
7. Enchained


The Conqueror

Besiege the tower
Through violent force
A deft mind
And an iron will

Chaos reigns
From the sky (Sky!)
Through wizards rule
You’re beguiled!

Vengeful conquest
Lurid scenes
Boundless sorrow
Crippled order

No code of conduct
You’re in chains
From a dark enchanter
You’re beguiled!



Brutal siege
You will serve
The conqueror!


Cruel Orders

Endless darkness
Total war
Flesh and bone
Meet steel

The tyrant's hand
Wielding power
The rule of law
Becomes king

The age of terror
Boundless hate
Timid eyes
Eternal screams

No hope
Ceaseless torment
Cruel orders
From the crown

You will feel
Unequivocal power

False Idols

This frail illusion
Will be your end
Deceived by myth
Seduced by fear

False idols!
False idols!
(False idols)

Internal conflicts
Haunt your desires
Your prophets are false
Your will is weak

False idols!
False idols!
(False idols)

You’ll face the horns
Under scornful eyes
With a crippled cross
And a dying myth

False idols!
False idols!
False idols!


The Prowler

Perched on the mountain
She preys at night
Black serpents rise
For the lord of hate


Sharp cunning eyes
With horns like spires
Dark feral winds
Make way for flight

Behold the prowler!
Behold the prowler!
Behold the prowler!
Behold the prowler!

Behold the prowler!
(Behold the prowler!)

Like a vicious storm
Like a viper's strike
Unrelenting cruelty
From an iron mind!


Forest of Knives

The wrath and judgment
Of ancient kings
Will scourge the earth
You will feel the lash!

A forbidding place
Full of treachery

In the forest of knives
You will kiss the blade!
You will pledge fealty
To a crooked crown

Down on your knees
Weakened by power

The upper hand
Usurps the throne
In the dead of night
And all is silent


Dark Rider

Coming down
From on high
Pitch black wings
Rage filled eyes

Dark rider!
Dark rider!

Violent force
Bearing steel
You’ve been dealt
The losing deal

Dark rider!
Dark rider!

(Dark rider!)

All shall fall
By his hand
Unchained power
High command!

Dark rider!
Dark rider!
Dark rider!
Dark rider!


After the battle
You are enslaved
Defeated by ire
Strength and will


A broken spirit
In a well of tears
A wicked oppressor
You’ll submit to the master


Exiled from order
A savage decree
Devoid of compassion
With no return


About Album

York, PA’s purveyors of swords & sorcery summon the warriors of old on their debut release, HIGH COMMAND. Cultic blaze a path through the battlefield by combining ideas and aesthetics of early death/doom, first wave black metal, and punk. Down tuned guitars and war drums deliver a mid-paced battery propelled by sardonic wrath and ungoverned fury. High Command is the auditory equivalent of a war hammer. It’s straightforward, lumbering, and crude. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Ride to war!!!!

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