Latest Release

PROWLER is the first Cultic demo released in August of 2017. Download the FREE digital demo in the shop. Stay tuned for the full-length to be released in 2018.

PROWLER Demo Cover Art
Cultic - Rebecca, Brian, Reese

About Cultic

Black-Death Battle Punk from York, PA

Cultic blaze a path through the battlefield by combining ideas and aesthetics of early death/doom, first wave black metal, and punk. Down tuned guitars and war drums deliver a mid-placed battery propelled by sardonic wrath and ungoverned fury. This is music for modern barbarians, urban wizards and street metal warriors. Prepare for battle!!!

Cultic is a Black-Death Battle Punk project with Brian Magar on guitar and vocals, Rebecca Magar on drums and Reese Harlacker on bass. Cultic hails from York County, Pennsylvania and is inspired by the sounds of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Winter, Coffins and Cianide.