Available for Pre-Order February 25th, 2022

Cultic - Of Fire and Sorcery Album Cover

Take heed! Cultic have emerged from the battlefield to unleash their sophomore curse upon you! “Of Fire and Sorcery” is a psychedelic journey through a world where magic and might are paramount. From this realm, Cultic weave a bizarre tapestry of extreme doom, black metal, traditional heavy metal, martial industrial, and dungeon synth — an amalgamation that propels listeners into an outlandish universe that is not a place for the meek.

"Cultic take their primary influences from the likes of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Winter, wielding a sound something like a cross between primitive death/doom and early extreme metal."

Vince Bellino - Decibel

"CULTIC! What can I say? When I listen, it really feels like it’s a late 1980 analog recording made in the depth of hell and was recently discovered in the back yard of Tom Warrior’s childhood home about six feet deep by a rabid Goat. The power, vibe, and true essence of the time is captured and introduced to us all over again!"

Paul Folk - CvltNation

“This is extreme metal that channels the aesthetics of early death metal, doom, crust-punk, black metal, and sludge in such a way that none dare try to stand against it. With downtuned guitars and war-ready drumming, the music of CULTIC is equal to donning chain mail, hoods and cloaks, taking up sword and shield, and charging into the fray of battle.”

Pat Riot Whitaker - Riff Relevant

"Cultic sounds really authentic, as if an old album had been found here in a box of dusty tapes."

Daniel Müller - Crossfire Metal Webzine

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