Cultic - Of Fire and Sorcery Album Cover

Take heed! Cultic have emerged from the battlefield to unleash their sophomore curse upon you! “Of Fire and Sorcery” is a psychedelic journey through a world where magic and might are paramount. From this realm, Cultic weave a bizarre tapestry of extreme doom, black metal, traditional heavy metal, martial industrial, and dungeon synth — an amalgamation that propels listeners into an outlandish universe.

"...this is probably going to be one of the top five releases of the year. Actually, make that likely top one. Definitely one of the best of the decade. Get it?"

Stanley - Deaf Sparrow

"I have absolutely no issue at all in deeming this an Album Of The Year candidate, Cultic have an incredible album on their hands here and one I cannot recommend enough for you to check out for yourself..."

Sam Jones - The Razor's Edge

"Of Fire and Sorcery could be the soundtrack for a sword-and-sorcery movie, naturally shifting moods from fantastical and otherworldly to grim and frostbitten."

Emily Bellino - Decibel

"Of Fire and Sorcery is a celebration of the strange, shadowy corners of heavy metal that have managed to remain unpolished and abhorrent throughout the years."

Ted Nubel - Invisible Oranges

"For a very specific type of metal nerd, a type I happen to belong to, this record is a really special and one-of-a-kind thing. Gloriously nerdy but also crushingly heavy, and one that is not to be missed."

Matt Bacon - Two Metal Guys Reviews

“‘Of Fire and Sorcery’ channels its sinister motives by bringing its malefic synthesizer and raw, ruthless, somewhat gaseous notes to a dungeon that has never even caught a glimpse of the sun and consequently immerses us in a shamelessly foul world that the immoral part of you can’t help but like.”

Fronas Zalve - Cvlt Legion

""Of Fire and Sorcery" is a very successful work, capable of balancing the desire to explore new boundaries in the best possible way."

Heavy Metal Maniac

"It’s an understated journey that sucks the listener further and further down into the dark, fantastical world that Cultic inhabit. By adding a degree of unselfconscious bombast and naivety to a down and dirty metal formula, they imbue it with a sense of theatre and high drama that bolsters the experience into something entirely novel."

Hate Meditations

"In a nutshell! This is a kill love it!"

Quantum - Soil Chronicles

"This album will scare you shitless with the lights out."

JVB - Scream Blast Repeat

"It’s a dismal, primitive, and increasingly frightening experience, an infliction of caustic doom that suffocates hope but will also elevate your pulse rate ..."

Islander - No Clean Singing

“The overarching feeling is of something primitive, menacing and mystical. Well worth investigating if you yearn for the eldritch days of doomy death metal…”

Dr. Abner Mality - Wormwood Chronicles

"... imagine more recent Darkthrone rotating too slowly on your turntable and repeatedly interrupted by a 70s alien/space B-Movie brand soundtrack that sometimes blurs into something new. All kind of quirky, but with a lot of charm and soul. 'Of Fire and Sorcery' makes sense ..." "You just have to try it to understand what I mean."

Alucard - Hell Is Open

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Watch the Beseech the Olden Throne Video

“… on ‘Beseech the Olden Throne,'” “Cultic invokes a timeless, reverb-drenched doom approach to gloriously addictive results.”Ted Nubel, Invisible Oranges

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